Jolie personalized magazine-style wedding program or invite.Infused with vintage charm and 1950's motifs, it's a nostalgic interpretation of Jolie - French for beautiful - Designed by Jean Puibaraut

Sections covered in this sample

Contents, Editor's Letter, Interview, Wedding Agenda, Wedding Party,
Top Things To Do, Practical Information, Key Numbers

Inspiration and Ideas

Here are some other ideas and sources of inspiration for your Twenty Pages

Horoscope of your big day
Jolie  horoscope section
Jolie sudoku section
Once upon a time
Jolie magazine childhood photos section
How well do they know you?
Jolie pop quiz section
Thank you
Jolie thank you section

TimeSavers - Tips for the busy bride
We can help you create a beautiful magazine with more photos and less text

Interview with photo emphasis
Jolie magazine interview section
Wedding party with photo emphasis
Jolie wedding program: wedding party spread